Our Mission: To develop and support youth through common interests and activities providing a healthy environment that allows for evangelism, prayer and sharing faith in Jesus Christ. This is accomplished through volunteer projects such as river cleanup, shopLocal supportLocal film series, skatepark improvements and other community projects. Youth are able to get involved, learn new skills that can develop into trades, learn about Jesus through book reports and personal bible studies while leaving permanent, positive, change for a better community.

Shine Community Activity:

Shine is very active in the community. We have hosted several workshops including ‘Bring your child to skate day’, a skate competition, skate lessons, community planning events, skatepark, tennis court and river cleanups.”

#ShopLocal #SupportLocal

What we are doing for local business: Filming 1 min videos advertising and highlighting the store

What we are doing for the community:  Getting youth involved in community projects (painting the skatepark, film, graffiti control) 

How you can help: Business owners and community members have the opportunity to donate to ‘Shine: A Youth Inspired Outreach’ either supplying us with material or funds to do community projects (e.g. Susanville Paint donating paint for us to paint the skatepark as a community project) and ultimately raise money to purchase a skatepark rebuild.

[PROJECT]: Susanville Memorial Skate Crew

Our Mission:

A better skatepark at Memorial Park in Susanville, CA

Susanville Memorial Skate Crew (SMSC) is a community driven project of skaters, bmx and scooters whose mission is for a better skatepark. Our current skatepark is not beginner friendly, It has drainage problems and several difficult angles to perform tricks.

Bringing everyone together in a safe place!

[Game Plan]:

Matt 6:34 “Be therefore not anxious for tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious of things of itself. Sufficient unto today is its own evil.”

Current Goal: Raise $25,000 to have American Ramp Co fly out and do an on-site review and create a construction ready design package.

Project Progress:

As of December 2020, City of Susanville has allocated $63,000 of the $177,000 Per-Capita grant for a pre-cast cement pump track ‘Mason Speed Ring’ from American Ramp Co. The remaining funds will be used for improved lighting and additional park safety features.

American Ramp Co has agreed to honor the pre-covid quote despite recent inflation and local cement plant TNS has agreed to donate labor and material for the site preparation.

Final Goal: Raise $2 Million dollars to rebuild the skatepark at memorial park as a map of Susanville

Historically as a mill and logging town it would be awesome to skateable pyramid with a lumberjack’s statue on it. The pump track would be Susanville river, Eagle lake would be a skate bowl casted in blue cement, dominate landmarks (Highschool, college, ‘The Rocks’) will be highlighted as obstacles reference to their geographical location.

Allocated land for skatepark use

Invest in a place for generations to enjoy

As skateboarding is now an Olympic sport, a contemporary professional concrete skatepark will last be able to be used for 10-20 years providing a safe environment for people of all ages and cultures to relax and train, will providing challenges to all levels of experience.