Susanville Memorial Skate Crew


Susanville Memorial Skate Crew is a community driven group of skaters seeking to rebuilding the skate park and beautifying memorial park with PERMANENT, POSITIVE, CHANGE.

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Our Mission:

A better skatepark at Memorial Park in Susanville, CA

Susanville Memorial Skate Crew (SMSC) is a community driven group of skaters/ bmx and scooters whose mission is for a better skatepark. Our current skate park is not beginner friendly, has drainage problems and several bad angles to perform tricks. We are fundraising to have a beginner friendly expansion built connected to the original skate park. City has allocated this land for a skatepark expansion, we need help raising the funds.

Bringing everyone together in a safe place!

SMSC is very active in the community. We have hosted several workshops including ‘Bring your child to skate day’, a skate competition, skate Lessons, community planning events, skatepark cleanups, tennis court cleanups and river cleanups.

Game Plan

Matt 6:34 “Be therefore not anxious for tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious of things of itself. Sufficient unto today is its own evil.”

Our middle schoolers and high schoolers have been active in city politics. As of Dec 2nd 2020, City of Susanville council members voted and approved of allocating $63,000 of the $177,000 Per-Capita grant for a pre-cast cement pump track. The remaining funds will be used to improve lighting and additional park safety features. More updates and planning regarding Per-Capita will occur around June 2021 following our Prop 68 application results. 

Fundraising has begun! The first $7,500 will be used to hire America Ramp Co out to perform a site survey and engineer a skatepark expansion. They will then give us a BID amount to construct the skatepark expansion which we are currently estimating to be around $800,000. Any additional money we raise above the BID amount will be used to improve the original park as well as build or improve a pump track.

Allocated lot for skate expansion

An example design of a beginner friendly expansion

Community plan for Prop 68

Our expansion and pump track plans

Invest in a place for generations to enjoy

Teen Challenge Monterey Bay is the Christian Discipleship program that will be the non-profit that will process SMSC donations.

Paypal is a safe and trusted method of donating to your favorite cause. Its simple and you can use your debit, credit card or your paypal to donate.  

Total Raised
Last update: 10/07/2021
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